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Kayan by Formaliz3d

The "Rumbles" series is characterized by a powerful simplicity of soft and sinuous shapes ... the Kayan lamp is not an exception.

Through 3D modelling and printing, the Formaliz3d team were able to create a tailored shade design to complement the curved silhouettes of the Plumen bulbs – the gently sloping sides of the Kayan follow the organic outline of the bulbs Baby 001 and 002.

The Kayan’s punctured sides mean that you can enjoy the bulb’s unique silhouette and still have the full brightness of the light projected onto surfaces below. The small openings allow light to escape creating intricate shadows and a unique atmosphere.

“This project realised the promise of object printing. We saw the beautiful "Rumbles" range online, made contact with Formaliz3d and just a few days later printed design concepts started arriving at our studio that we could test and experience together with our bulbs. After a couple of rounds of changes "The Rumbles" had a new cousin and the Baby Plumen 001 and Plumen 002 a new inspiring playmate. Sometimes designs take years to produce. Our bulb designs certainly do. So what a thrill it has been to see this product evolve and resolve at the speed of light.” (Nicolas Roope - Plumen fouder)

Production Type: Self-produced

price and shipment info
SIZE 15 x 15 x 22 cm
WEIGHT 150 gr
MATERIALS plastic (ABS) - fabric cable
COLOURS electric cable black
MORE INFO The components have the certified CE, but the assembly is handmade
product info